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    Roel Funcken - Balaklavskiy prospex

    all written and produced by Roel Funcken www.funckarma.com 2017 drawing by Ivan Shopov edit by Faction23 mastered by Bob Macciochi at SC Mastering collabs : Quiescent Solar with Cor Bolten Neon Malfoid with Valance Drakes and...

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    Balaklavskiy Prospex released a month ago

    Balaklavskiy Prospex is his most defined work to date and we plainly perceive Funcken’s unique signature. The sound design bewitches any electronic music admirer, the attention to details is uncommonly captivating and the melodies are remarkably astonishing.

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    View this post to hear all the tracks on the album.
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    here is another exclusive secret track from Balaklavskiy Prospex, track is called Spanatic

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    Roel Funcken_Isotope Cobalt part 3

    Isotope Cobalt part 3 is up as a stream at shimmering moods  The Isotope Cobalt series by Roel Funcken is a new ambient mix with 140 tracks selected, divided over 6 parts. Photo is by Mark Thomas Typo and edit moiCflo. After the 6 parts presented individually, those parts will glue together for a final […]

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  • Roel Funcken _ Isotope Cobalt

    Roel Funcken _ Isotope Cobalt

    Ive selected around 140 tracks, which will be divided over 6 parts, and this is part 1. So after i have presented the 6 parts individually, i will glue these parts together for the final mix.

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    Roel Funcken_Inseminoid set 2016

    the set i was going to play in for Inseminoid Kulturverein für Kunst und Musik in Innsbruck 1.5 month ago. couldnt go because of an airstrike. but ill be bacK though. lots of tracks in there from my forthcoming album Balaklavskiy Prospex, released in the coming months.    

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