Isotope Cobalt total


so here it is

isotope cobalt the full mix, 180 tracks and 14 hours long

you can stream it in the player above or download it here (right click with mouse or hold ctrl while pressing on “here”  and save/download linked file)

the seperate parts can be found in a playlist on soundcloud

photo = mark thomas     typography = moicflo

tracklist :

part 1


01-Bathed in Her-Tilman Robinson-Deer Heart

02-Confound II-Daniel W J Mackenzie-Every Time Feels Like the Last Time

03-Okay Aloft-offthesky-Illuminations


05-Overhang-Jonathan Kawchuk-North

06-Sycamore-Robert Farrugia-Archives | Soundscapes Vol- 1


08-Glisten-R Beny-Full Blossom of the Evening

09-Aerial Bea-Powlos-Archives | Soundscapes Vol- 1

10-Mueve-Ghost and Tape-Shift

11-Magnetar-Markus Guentner-Theia

12-The Twelve-Nest-Retold (2014 Special Edition)

13-Des Vieux Temples-Pendant-Bblisss

14-Blossom-Richard Ginns-Until The Morning Comes

15-Multiple Shades-Jacob Newman-Quanta Flora

16-About Liz-Florian von Ameln-Rvvr

17-Intransigence-Hakobune-In Arboreal Whispering

18-Fernfeld-Max Würden-Pop Ambient 2017

19-A Quiet Storm-Cyril Secq-Illuminations

20-The setback-Lambert-Excess

21-Turpentine-Tomotsugu Nakamura-An Opened Book In The Dar

22-Time As A Reward (Wil Bolton Remix)-Warmth-Essay Revisited

23-Bashy-Moon Ate The Dark-Moon Ate the Dark II

24-Until The End Of Time-Ital Tek-Beyond Sight

part 2


01-Impeccable (She Likes Tulips)-Omrr-Music For The Anxious

02-Wim Hoffman-Kettel-Volleyed Iron

03-Thaw-Western Skies Motel-Buried and Resurfaced

04-Static Kings-Fennesz-Bécs


06-Music Of The Air-Tim Hecker-Love Streams

07-Grief and Repetition-Oneohtrix Point Never-Russian Mind

08-The Hall-Deaf Center-Pale Ravine (Bonus Edition)

09-Ripples in a Water Scene-Lubomyr Melnyk-Rivers and Streams

10-Junk Life Project-Tsone-Dovetail

11-All is Gone-Arash Akbari-Cracked Echoes

12-Sirius of Procyon-Legiac-The Voynich Manuscript

13-Diffused-Solo Andata-In The Lens

14-Keeping Guard-Christopher Bissonnette-Pitch, Paper & Foil

15-414-GLobal Communication-Dedicated

16-The Water Awaits You-Siavash Amini-Subsiding

17-Forest-Deaf Center-Pale Ravine (Bonus Edition)

18-Envol-Ocoeur-Light As A Feather

19-Back and Forth-Nonkeen—Oddments of the Gamble

20-Depart-Jason Van Wyk-Attachment

21-A Beacon, Peace And A Steambath-David Andree + Josh Mason-Call, Response

22-Azure-Greg Haines-Digressions

23-Aware-Jonathan Kawchuk-North

24-Man And The Cosmos Around-Strië-Struktura

25-Midsleep-Moss Covered Technology-Speicherbank

part 3


01-Fenne-Taylor Deupree-Somi

02-Autumn Roads-José Silva-Modulated Tones No-1: Music For Framed Works


04-uun-Porya Hatami & Arovane-Kaziwa

05-My Asymmetric Ribs-Tsone-Dovetail

06-The Promise In Your Lies-ASC-No Stars Without Darkness

07-The Theory-Clem leek-2Pianos I

08-Fallen Industry-Spheruleus-Obsolarium

09-Self-Sabotage-Amulets-Personal Power

10-Earthship-Lav & Purl-Earth And Beyond

11-Travel Sketches (Room After Performance)-Tim Linghaus-Vhoir

12-Remembered-Moss Covered Technology-Speicherbank

13-in a still afternoon-Siavash Amini and Heinali-When No Wind Whirled

14-Bycam Fosfane-Legiac-The Voynich Manuscript

15-Travel Sketches (Lost In A Bus And Architecture)-Tim Linghaus-Vhoir

16-The Intruder-Greg Haines-Where We Were

17-Svimmel—Ghost and Tape-Shift

18-Dress my mind like a white hill-Murkok-So Little Music

19-Cromo2-Yui Onodera-Pop Ambient 2017

20-Bonus {1} “Untitled”-Dedekind Cut-$uccessor (ded004)

21-Unfurled (rework)-The Sight Below-Reworks

22-Reverie-Wil Bolton-Whorl


part 4



02-Into the Nebulae – Intro -Martin Nonstatic-Nebulae Live at the Planetarium

03-Snow Melt (Reprise)-Overcast Sound-Reflections

04-Where We Began-Tilman Robinson-Deer Heart

05-Lichen-Wil Bolton-Lichen

06-Reality Tunnel-Mind Over MIDI-Soft Science

07-Monument Builders-loscil-Monument Builders


09-Le Silence Qui S’Installe-Sonmi451-Hummingbird


11-Left Standing-Spheruleus-Obsolarium

12-Oh My Ears And Whiskers-Sonmi451-Alice

13-A Completely Disingenuous Comparison-Florian von Ameln-Rvvr

14-Deceiver-loscil-Monument Builders

15-Messy Hearts-Moon Ate The Dark-Moon Ate the Dark

16-Dream Of The Nightmare-Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker-Fantasma Parastasie

17-ontemplation-User_Ambiguous-Whispers Of A Dream

18-Spring Affects Him-John Beltran-Everything At Once

19-Stagger (rework)-The Sight Below-Reworks

20-Sagan -Purl-Sagan

21-A Very Late Ceremony (2004)-Kettel-Unreleased 2002-2012

22-Empty Hallways-ASC-Near Death OST

23-Two Worlds-Western Skies Motel-Settlers

24-Vanished-Erik K Skodvin-Flare

25-Two Feel Studies-José Silva-Modulated Tones No-1: Music For Framed Works

26-Reprisal-Rafael Anton Irisarri-A Fragile Geography

27-Noir Dane-Funckarma-Psar Dymog

28-XIV-Benoît Pioulard-Stanza III

29-Bonus {2} “In a room”-Dedekind Cut-$uccessor (ded004)

30-We get along-Lambert-Excess

part 5


01-Do Trees Have Dreams (Reprise)-Ali Khan-Reflections

02-These Are Our Fears-Alaskan Tapes-These Are Our Fears

03-Duo-M. Ostermeier-Tiny Birds

04-Water Cycle-Mind Over MIDI-Soft Science

05-Physical Memory-Oneohtrix Point Never-Russian Mind

06-Three Cheers For Existence (Remix)-Deru-1979: Remixed

07-Silence after all-Lambert-Excess

08-Cuando El Misterio Es Demasiado Impresionante, Es Imposible Desobedecer-Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri-La Equidistancia

09-Remain foam-Murkok-So Little Music

10-That Name (Again)-Gailes-Seventeen Words

11-Odessa (SineRider Remix)-Warmth-Essay Revisited

12-Diamond Day-Off the sky-Silent Went The Sea

13-Ngth-M. Ostermeier-The Rules of Another Small World

14-Light Leak-R Beny-Full Blossom of the Evening

15-Abandonment II (Twenty Five Years)-Daniel W J Mackenzie-Every Time Feels Like the Last Time

16-Yaun-Porya Hatami & Arovane-Kaziwa

17-Black Horizon-36-Tomorrow’s Explorers


19-Where Light Fails-Everyday Dust-The Green Decay


21-Wave Growth (Warmth Remix)-Warmth-Essay Revisited

22- Sugamo-Ian Hawgood-Love Retained

23- Locus Solus-Scanner+Yui Onodera-Pop Ambient 2017

24- Slate Coloured Storm-Abul Mogard-Circular Forms

25- A Sea Of Love-Huerco S-For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have)

26- Quatrième Branche-Cyril Secq / Orla Wren-Branches

27- StimBrone Exponential-Legiac-Illuminations (The New Year 2017 free compilation)

part 6


01-Surface Variations In The Snowfall-Gailes-Seventeen Words

02-Acid Shadow III-Evan Caminiti-Toxic City Music

03-Middle Point (Legiac rmx)-Pleq and Giulio Aldinucci-Re:composition

04-Mendocino Nature Rave-En-City of Brides

05-Notte senza fine-Tale Of Us-Endless

06-There He Went into a Cave-Aware-The Book of Wind

07-Negative_Drone-Lawrence English-Cruel Optimism

08-The Speed of Darkness-Ital Tek-The Speed of Darkness

09-In The Air II-Tim Hecker-Ravedeath, 1972

10-Underwater Temples-ASC-The Light That Burns Twice As Bright

11-A Deceptive And Distant Howl-David Wenngren & Christopher Bissonnette-The Meridians Of Longitude And Parallels Of Latitude


13-Section 88, G p-9-Gerard Bouwhuis, Gene Carl, Cees van Zeeland and Arielle Vernède-Canto Ostinato

14-Closure-Alex Kozobolis-Weightless

15-Minism-Taylor Deupree-Somi

16-Unsaid-Jason Van Wyk-Attachment

17-The Veil-Ben Lukas Boysen-Spells

18-Asleep on a Faded Moss Patch-Poemme-Arboretum

19-Vesper-Ital Tek-Hollowed


21-Shutter-Taylor Deupree-Faint

22-Aquet-Otto A Totland-Pinô

23-Exquisite Human Microphone-Lawrence English-Cruel Optimism

24-Morskie Oko-Ian Hawgood-Love Retained

25-Vex-Billow Observatory-II: Plains/Patterns

26-Four Films (Films Four)-Willamette-Diminished Composition

27-Campfire-Jon Hopkins-Monsters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

28-In The Air III-Tim Hecker-Ravedeath, 1972

29-Ontayso Theme-Automotive-The Digil Parker Project

30-A Synthetic Setting-Kane Ikin-Contrail

31-Stars (Bonus Track)-Ben Lukas Boysen-Spells

32-At The End All Is Black-Tim Linghaus-The Exquisite Corpse

33-Music For Tundra (Part 2)-Tim Hecker-Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again

34-The Circadian Clock (lazy afternoon remix)-Sonmi451-Digiseeds

35-Vissna-Purl-Form Is Emptiness

36-Look For Me Here-Solo Andata-Solo Andata

37-XIII-Benoît Pioulard-Stanza III

38-Arpeggiare-Steve Hauschildt-Where All Is Fled

39-Vessel, Phoneme-K’an-Babel

40-Back-Roberto Attanasio-Abyss


42-Midnight In The Garden With Ghosts (Remix)-Deru-1979: Remixed

43-Look For Me Here-Solo Andata-Solo Andata

44-Racist Drone-Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin-Instrumental Tourist

45-Half A Day-Daniel W J Mackenzie-Every Time Feels Like the Last Time

46-Draw the Curtains-Evan Caminiti-Coiling

47-Snow (Abul Mogard Rework)-Aukai-Snow Works

48-Point In Time-Mind Over MIDI-Soft Science

49-The Sky is A Sea of Darkness-Earthen Sea-A Relentless Gaze

50-Repose IV-Hilyard-Repose

51-Ordinary Moon-Yoyu-Ordinary Moon

52-A White Truck-High Plains-Cinderland

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