Funckarma remix for CogendSHe


already did the remix in 2009

now its out on cd tru Japanese label Zankyo

digital tru Itunes

some extra keys in there by Phinx

〜About COgeNdshE

COgeNdshE is a Japanese band.

It was formed in Kanagawa Prefecture in 2006 and has seven members (five musicians, a painter and a photographer).

〜About EP〜

our work contains many contrasts between mathematics and literature, popularity and core, minimalism and progressive.

To express the attraction of electronic music by the normal type of band is one of the concepts.

All the Ex.polyrhythms in this EP are weird.

We had a purpose to want people to be able to listen to complex rhythms easily.

So, we remade the complex rhythms into a familiar music by attaching particular importance to the balance between rhythms and melodies.


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