set we prepared for a performance @ the Lindenberg earlier this year

art by Rein Blank

Funckarma _ Lindenbergfase 1


01Troposphere-Funckarma-Psar Dymog 2

02Fanion amb-Quench-FAnion 2

03Night B4 Celine ambient-Scone-Maze ambients

04Ration Creed amb-Quench-FAnion 2

05Bee Zaine-Funckarma-Psar Dymog

06Maze ambient-Scone-Maze ambients

07Dalmatic amb-Funckarma-Psar Dymog 2

08Psar Dymog-Funckarma-Psar Dymog

09Bice ambient-Scone-Maze ambients

10Amon Velvet-Funckarma-Psar Dymog

11Fanil Dredged-Funckarma-Psar Dymog

12Second ambient-Scone-Maze ambients

13Noir Dane-Funckarma-Psar Dymog

14SNth 65 ambient-Scone-Maze ambients

15Deace Amb-Funckarma-Vell Vagranz

16fane quantum-Funckarma-Psar Dymog 2

17Pipe Screen-Funckarma-Psar Dymog

18D90 ambient-Scone-Maze ambients

19Blando ambient-Scone-Maze ambients

20Ambo Atin-Funckarma-Psar Dymog

21Stunned Rasey-Funckarma-Psar Dymog 2

22Unwire amb-Funckarma-Vell Vagranz

23Kopf Ambient-Funckarma-Psar Dymog 2

24Smart ambient-Roel Funcken-Mercury Retrograde

25Elaztiq Jupiter-Funckarma-Psar Dymog 2

26Textures-Roel Funcken-Mercury Retrograde

27Seedle-Funckarma-Psar Dymog 2

28Dramstuk Ambient-Scone-Maze ambients

29Stamp Dirn-Funckarma-Psar Dymog

30Sowieso ambient-Scone-Maze ambients

31Mag aux-Quench-Danner Reznick

32Screed Reasched-Funckarma-Psar Dymog

33Dilant-Funckarma-Psar Dymog 2

34Ymadyn Line-Funckarma-Psar Dymog

35Caipruss ambient-Quench-Stantine





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  1. phalanx says:

    this is a genius mix!!!


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