Iridium Flare dj promo mix

promomix 2

a dj mix with alot of the iridium flare tracks in there, in the mix with stuff from others i realllllyyy like.

iridium-flare, releases first of march 2016 on Funckarma’s bandcamp.

pre order now or grab 1 of the poster packages with the art from iridium flare
you can get an a4 poster signed by me
+ a6 sticker
im doing an edition of 20, 10 are gone
( +a3 poster if you spend 20 euros or more)

art = from Sarge Grafx 

iridiumflare fb 851 x 315








comes with a download of the album (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more)

plus as an extra i’ll add a sticker and poster of “the FAex has Decimated ” art
art = from Timothée Mathelin








Iridium Flare dj promo mix tracklist :

01_DamDam_Sofus Forsberg
02_SNapp Zoid_Roel Funcken
04_Silicon Valley_Siniq
05_Negative Jumpsuit_Lorn
06_It Starts Somewhere_Krts
07_One More Time_Sofus Forsberg
08_Synthacon 9_The Tuss
10_Leaved_Roel Funcken
11_Dew on the windshield_Kalko + Kind
12_Achi Carpenter_Herrmutt Lobby
13_Mount Kwaku_Lorn
14_Who knows?_Weird Inside
15_So Familia_Commodo, Gantz, Kahn
16_Bleu Oscillant_Kangding Ray
17_Afterglow_Rival Consoles
19_Styx_Roel Funcken
20_6th Rodea_Karen Lust
21_Pce freeze 2.8i_Autechre
22_Eyes Give In_Lusine
23_Bizoid Stroke_Legiac
24_1110_01_Lv_1b_Grischa Lichtenberger
25_120 Classis_Karen Lust
26_Spizm Ortaxx_Roel Funcken
27_Acto_Kanding Ray
28_Opal Vern – Transmission_Syl Kougaï
29_Night Brubian_Roel Funcken
30_No more heroes_Weird Inside
31_Com Re-Touch / Pocket For Jack_Clark
32_Iridium Flare_Roel Funcken
33_Always Confused_Medasin
34_Greyzone Baxter_Roel Funcken
35_Strum_Richard Devine
36_One Way to Mars_Bop
37_Telescope_Bop x Synkro
40_Malvo Sims_Roel Funcken
39_White Privilege_Krts
41_SPT-CL J0546-5345_Astroposer


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