new psar dymog 2 track (may 2013)


its been a while, but there is a new track for the psar dymog 2 release

track is called Dalliance, free track offcourse, some Cor Bolten in there (Monopoly Arppegiator)

all the art for the psar dymog series is coming from my man Buna from Japan

also wanted to mention that the ambient mix “Black Haines” gained some special attention tru my people from Headphone Commute, already was online tru our own soundcloud site. Really love doin these mixes, eases the mind, doing it but also listening to them afterwards, its something for me i listen 2 @ least like 20 or 30 times.

you can read here what he has 2 say about this mix, really like the attention they are givin it.

+ i uploaded tons of new videos on the Funckarma youtube channel, different tracks coming from several projects we do:

Squarepusher_4001 (Roel Funcken rmx)



Mystery Artist_Oid Trazzle

Funckarma Niz Uloid

Hecq & Nebulo _Descent (Roel FunckenĀ  rmx)






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