Roel Funcken Chronik Consoles (ambient mix)


new ambient mix Chronik Consoles
dedicated to all the artists that are in here
to name a few: Rafael Anton Irisarri, Rival Consoles, Hior Chronik, Nils Frahm, Arovane, Clark, Burial, Deaf Center and many others.
01_Went Missing-Nils Frahm-Spaces
02_Sketch_Julien Neto-Le Fumeur de Ciel
03_Time To Go-Floex-Gone – EP
04_Rye Fields-Loscil-Lost In The Humming Air (Music inspired by Harold Budd)
05_The Violent Silence-Kane Ikin-Sublunar
06_Ten Black Cards-Maps and Diagrams-In Circles
07_Dog Shelter-Burial-Untrue
08_Plateaux-Deaf Center-Lost In The Humming Air (Music inspired by Harold Budd)
09_Scaabl-Arovane-Ve Palor
10_Transmisiones Ferox-Boards of Canada-Tomorrow’s Harvest
11_sketch july 03,2013-Taylor Deupree-free track on sc
12_Brigitte-Clark-Fantasm Planes
13_Lesser Than The Sum Of Its Parts-Rafael Anton Irisarri-The Unintentional Sea
14_Peter-Nils Frahm-Juno Reworked
15_Smoulderville (Clark Remix)-The Beige Lasers-Clark-Feast / Beast
16_Over There, It’s Raining-Nils Frahm-Spaces
17_The History of Repetition-Field Rotation-Fatalist: The Repetition of History
18_tommib-Squarepusher-Go Plastic
19_For-Nils Frahm-Juno Reworked
20_Bird Wings-FSOl-Lifeforms
21_Salt Photographs-Brambles-Charcoal
23_Moorish Star-Maps and Diagrams-In Circles
24_Farewell track-Clark-Emtpy the Bones of You
25_Light (Ben Lukas Boysen remix)-Ocoeur-Memento
26_58936juiceboxe-Morgan Greenwood-winter
27_White-EN-SMM: Opiate
28_All Alone (with Roger Doering & Zinovia Arvanitidi)-Hior Chronik-Unspoken Words
29_Saturnin Fire And The Restless Ocean-Floex-Gone – EP
31_Gloaming-Rafael Anton Irisarri-Lost In The Humming Air (Music inspired by Harold Budd)
32_Jyaku-Ryuichi Sakamoto and Taylor Deupree-Disappearance
33_Kimura (Cadiz)-Maps and Diagrams-In Circles
34_A time to make amends-Zinovia-The Gift of Affliction
35_Tod-Apparat-Krieg und Frieden (Music For Theatre)
36_Cantstandtherain (Clark Remix)-Silverman-Feast / Beast
37_Fear and Trembling-Rafael Anton Irisarri-The Unintentional Sea
38_Rebecca-Rival Consoles-Odyssey
39_Wulf-Bibio-Silver Wilkinson
40_This Window-Ryuichi Sakamoto and Taylor Deupree-Disappearance
41_She Wasn’t Here (with Roger Doering)-Hior Chronik-Unspoken Words
42_Water Shadow-Simon Scott-SMM: Opiate
43_Philip-Rival Consoles-Odyssey
44_Pudget Sound-Donato Wharton-Body Isolations


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