Roel Funcken_Isotope Cobalt part 3


Isotope Cobalt part 3 is up as a stream at shimmering moods 

The Isotope Cobalt series by Roel Funcken is a new ambient mix with 140 tracks selected, divided over 6 parts.

Photo is by Mark Thomas Typo and edit moiCflo. After the 6 parts presented individually, those parts will glue together for a final mix.

download part 3 here

(click with the right side of the mouse on “here” and save link as)

download part 1 and 2 here

tracklist for part 3:
01-Fenne-Taylor Deupree-Somi
02-Autumn Roads-José Silva-Modulated Tones No.1: Music For Framed Works
04-uun-Porya Hatami & Arovane-Kaziwa
05-My Asymmetric Ribs-Tsone-Dovetail
06-The Promise In Your Lies-ASC-No Stars Without Darkness
07-The Theory-Clem leek-2Pianos I
08-Fallen Industry-Spheruleus-Obsolarium
09-Self-Sabotage-Amulets-Personal Power
10-Earthship-Lav & Purl-Earth And Beyond
11-Travel Sketches (Room After Performance)-Tim Linghaus-Vhoir
12-Remembered-Moss Covered Technology-Speicherbank
13-in a still afternoon-Siavash Amini and Heinali-When No Wind Whirled
14-Bycam Fosfane-Legiac-The Voynich Manuscript
15-Travel Sketches (Lost In A Bus And Architecture)-Tim Linghaus-Vhoir
16-The Intruder-Greg Haines-Where We Were
17-Svimmel—Ghost and Tape-Shift
18-Dress my mind like a white hill-Murkok-So Little Music
19-Cromo2-Yui Onodera-Pop Ambient 2017
20-Bonus {1} “Untitled”-Dedekind Cut-$uccessor (ded004)
21—Unfurled (rework)-The Sight Below-Reworks
22-Reverie-Wil Bolton-Whorl



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