Roel Funcken _ Deep Electronics Podcast 67


Welcome to the 67th chapter of the Deep Electronics Podcast. This time mixed by Roel Funcken!
IDM, breaks, soft melody’s, abstract, textures and more are all in this HQ set! Making this set a unique one to listen!

Photography, Design and Photo manipulation: Jeroen Smulders      Circuit Jellyfish Design: NLz

01-Hum Score-Ard Bit-The Silence Was Warm Vol.5
02-Mercury Retrograde (Eedlrmx)-Roel Funcken-Mercury Retrograde rmxs 2
03-Identity(Roel Funcken remix)-Loyu-Remix Compilation 08-14
04-Invisible Colors(Deft Remix)-123MRK-Noname EP Remixed
05-Vixen-Jor Mesin & Ard Bit & Roel Funcken-Table of Elements 3
06-Nowlata instr-Ndangr species-Night Terrors instr
07-Ritual-Woulg-Punishment / Ritual
08-Sevastopol Nexus-Legiac-Row Glodation
10-The Paradigm for Reverence-Roel Funcken-Ion Driver Presents:
11-Come Clean[Sabre’s 20/20 Bootleg]-Jeru da Damaja-Ivy Lab presents “BOOTLEGS FROM THE LAB”
12-Mind Grind-Hybris-Emergence
13-Without You(ZES Remix)-Asa & Stumbleine-Powered by Inspected
14-Descent(Roel Funcken rmx)Hecq & Nebulo-Remix Compilation 08-14
15-Sentido de Calma(Roel Funcken dub rmx)-Peixe:Aviao-unreleased
16-Jaded-Lone-Reality Testing
17-Zkouska Siren-Hybris-Emergence
18-Morres Sylk-Legiac-Row Glodation
19-Re(Roel Funcken rmx)-Nils Frahm-Soundcloud
20-Produk 29-Aphex Twin-Syro
21-Heaven(Roel Funcken & Ochre rmx)-Lamb-Soundcloud
22-The Descent-Rob Clouth-Clockwork Atom EP
23-GeeBee(Roel Funcken rmx)-Flint Kids-Sancerre
24-Row Glodation-Legiac-Row Glodation
25-Corvus-Syl Kougai-unreleased
26-Voyager-Rival Consoles-Odessy ep
27-Grrl Trrbl-Phoenecia-Brownout
28-Acid Rain-Lorn-The Maze to Nowhere 2
29-Freezercats(Cane rmx)-Muni Manuka-unreleased
30-North-Ocoeur-A parallel Life
31-Minipops 67(Source Field Mix)-Aphex Twin-Syro
32-Bizoid Stroke-Legiac-Row Glodation
33-Upside Down Cops-Lorn-The Maze to Nowhere
34-Tether(Roel Funcken rmx)-Plaid-Soundcloud
35-Fifty-Phiphti-I’lls-Fifty-Phiphti / Asakusa
37-Sancerre(Andy Course rmx)-Flint Kids-Sancerre

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