a Solo track from Don and a Funckarma track on Touched 2


Dn Fnckn - Ghetto One Four

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its out

Touched 2

with a unreleased Funckarma track and Don has a solo track on there, a retwisted version of Ghetto inside under the name Dn Fnckn

In the ocean of top electronic artists such as 808 State, Autechre (æ), AROVANE, A1 People, Adam Johnson, Anodyne, Anders Ilar, Autumn Of Communion (aka Lee Anthony Norris and Mick Chillage), Ard Bit, B12 Records, Bauri, Bibio, Brothomstates, BLN, Bunai Carus, Carbo-flex, Ceephax Acid Crew, Chevron, Christ., Cristian Vogel, Cyan341, D’Arcangelo, Datassette, Dave Monolith, David Morley, Dez Williams, DMX Krew, Dryft, Dub Tractor, Eigenheimer, ENVitre, EOD, Esem, Frog Pocket, Simon Pyke / Freefarm / Freeform, Funckarma, G-Man (LFO), Hecq, Higher Intelligence Agency, IIII & Irma, Ilkae, Intricate, Jodey Kendrick, Kingbastard, Lackluster, Logreybeam, Loscil, Luke Vibert, Luke Slater‘s 7th Plain, Machinedrum, Maps and Diagrams, Mark Broom [Official], Marsen Jules, Mick Chillage, Miles Tilmann, Milieu, Min-Y-Llan, Mint, Mira Calix & Ulrich Schnauss, Missingsense, mr. projectile, Mr.76ix, Nathan Fake (official page), Nonima, Noumen, Oberman Knocks, Ochre, Ocoeur, Orbital, Paul Blackford, Plaid, Plazmatron, Pleq, Porn Sword Tobacco, Posthuman, Radioactive Man, Re-Arbeiten, Red Snapper, Richard Devine, Richard Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire, Sweet Exorcist), Robert Leiner, Room of Wires, Ruxpin, Secede, Sense, Shammen Delly, Si Begg, Sk’p, Solipsism, Somatic Responses, Soutien Gorge, Sun Electric, Team Doyobi, The Kosmik Kommando, Future Sound of London – FSOL, The Gasman, Tim Koch, TM404 (aka Andreas Tilliander, Mokira), Troubleshooter – Rob Holloway, Ulrich Schnauss, Varia (Jari Pitkänen & Juho Hietala aka Blamstrain), Verbose, Weldroid, White Mask, Wil Bolton, Wisp, Z-Arc, µ-Ziq & up to 255 of brilliant listening! & it’s all for the good cause – Touched – Music for Macmillan Cancer Support. The whole thing is here: https://touched.bandcamp.com/album/touched-two

Proud to be a part of this again ! Enjoy !

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  1. & both them is really beautiful!


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